Nova Natal Week 2

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

One thing that has helped the work a lot here is the members. We´ve had members work with us several times since I´ve been here. Sometimes they stay with us for a whole afternoon, going to teaching appointments. Right now we have a good-sized pool of investigators- people that we contacted on the street and agreed to have another visit in their home. The mission has standards of excellence that include making 20 contacts per day. We tried hard to meet the standards of making contacts this week and achieved it every day. This is something that we didn´t do in my first area, but it´s helping us now. I think it´s even more important to find references from members though, because most baptisms generally come from references.
This week we have a missionary family night scheduled with a couple in the ward. They´ll be having a family night in their home, but they said that they won´t invite anyone. They´re giving invitations to the two companionships in the ward and it´s our job to bring investigators. I´m pretty excited for it and I hope we can bring a lot of people!
We had a couple of experiences this week that made me think about what our message is as missionaries and how it can help people. Does that make sense? I know the missionary lessons well, but I had to stop and think about HOW it can actually help people in their lives with their struggles. Here are a couple of experiences from this week:
We had a guy (who may or may not have been drunk) come up to us saying that he was having problems providing food for his family and that he wanted us to help because he knew missionaries helped people. He brought us into their house and we saw that they really do need help. He was baptized several years ago and said that he wants to come back, but he doesn´t seem very sincere.
We also made a contact on the street with a lady that wanted a visit from us because she was having problems with her marriage. We haven´t been able to find her at home yet, but we´ll try again this week.
But things are going well here and I´m really excited for general conference at the end of the week! I heard that there will be a room where all the american missionaries can watch it in english- and there are several in our stake.
Everyone enjoy conference this weekend!

Love, Elder Church

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