Caico Week 5

Monday, September 8, 2014

We have about a week left before my first transfer ends. I don´t think anything will change for the next transfer though. We had a zone meeting this week. Once a month the zone leader travels to mission headquarters for a day, and then once he comes back, we meet together as a whole zone. Our zone is called the Caico Zone and it has 11 companionships. 6 companionships in Caico, and 5 in other towns. The Caico Zone is the same as the Caico Stake. For this zone meeting we talked about what we need to do to improve, because our whole zone struggled for the month of August. There were only a few baptisms for the whole zone. This month has already gotten off to a better start though. The Caico stake isn´t very strong right now either. Sacrament meeting attendance is very low, for example. The caico ward, the ward I´m serving in, is probably the strongest in the whole stake. But it has plenty of struggles as well. I see a lot of potential in the ward though, and when I´m in meetings like ward council, it seems like things will really start to improve.
This week´s english class was fun! I assigned some of the students to bring ingredients for this week´s class so we could make american pancakes. They make pancakes here, but they aren´t sweetened and they roll them up with meat inside. So we made chocolate chip pancakes and they turned out well.
We found some solid investigators last week and were able to teach them a couple of times. Their names are Pedro and Lucas, they´re both 15, and they both seem sincerely interested and willing to keep commitments.
One day last week, we decided to walk to a small town an hour away to see if we could find people to teach. There was only a small group of houses though, and nobody was outside, so we didn´t stay for very long. Maybe I´ll go back sometime to take pictures because it was a cool-looking place!

Things are going well out here and the weeks are moving by quickly.

Love, Elder Church

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