Caico Week 6

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Elder Church and Elder Fernandes
Making pancakes with my English class

Well here´s the big news for the week: I got transferred out of Caico. I couldn´t believe the news when I heard it on the phone! I wasn´t expecting to leave after just 6 weeks. It came out of nowhere for me! This was my first transfer week and this is how it goes: the assistants to the president call us on tuesday night to tell us if we´ll be staying or leaving, and those who are being transfered have to leave early wednesday morning. Last night we were in a members house with some of the other sisters in our district, and we got the phone call at around 9pm. Everyone was hovering around the phone to find out who would stay and who would go. I found out that I would be transferred to an area in Natal. A couple of other sisters in our district got transferred too, and our zone leader as well. I got on a bus this morning and arrived here at around 3pm. I haven´t unpacked my suitcases yet. My companion is Elder Delgado. He´s from Peru and he has 1 year and 3 months so far on his mission. I haven´t gotten to know him very well yet, but I like him a lot! He´ll finish my training since training lasts for 12 weeks.
I was definitely sad to leave Caico. I felt like I had been getting to know the area and the members really well. Elder Fernandes and I didn´t have a baptism in that transfer, but we were teaching some really good people in the days just before I left. We had some investigators at church on Sunday and we had found a good family too. I have lots of great memories from my first area and I wish I would have taken more pictures. Maybe I´ll go back to that same area sometime later in my mission though! I was also excited for the Caico Stake conference that I would have gotten to go to on the 21st. Elder Costa is traveling there, and so is the mission president and another member of the seventy.
My new area is really pretty. It´s a lot greener here and the weather is cooler. Our apartment is nice but it´s really small, or at least a lot smaller than the house was in Caico. We live with two other Brazilian Elders.
I´m excited to work in this new area, but I don´t know anything about it yet! I´ll let you know how my first few days go on my next P-day.

Love, Elder Church

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