Nova Natal Week 3

Monday, October 6, 2014

Last week went by quickly because we had a mission conference on tuesday and general conference on saturday and sunday. So only 3 full days of work. And on one of the days we did a service project all morning. It was a great week, but our numbers weren´t very high because we didn´t have as much time as usual to work.
The mission conference was great! It was with all of the zones in the Natal area (a little over half of the mission). I got to meet lots of missionaries for the first time. President and Sister Soares spoke to us and gave us training. There really aren´t a whole lot of American missionaries in this mission. I think I´ve met most of them by now. Maybe there are some others waiting for visas. For some reason, a lot of the American missionaries are from the southeast US- texas, tennessee, alabama, florida, virginia, etc. But it seems like most of the missionaries in this mission are Brazilians which I think is awesome. Driving back from the mission conference I got to see the beach for the first time.
I loved general conference. I got to watch it in English in a room with the other Americans which I was grateful for. I liked Elder Scott´s talk a lot. I liked Elder Lynn G Robbins talk too-- and several others, but those are just a couple that came to mind now. I didn´t get to see all of priesthood session. They broadcasted it at 7am on Sunday morning, but the stake center is a 40 minute walk away so we didn´t go. But we borrowed our neighbor´s computer and watched part of it live on Saturday night.
Right now we have a couple of solid investigators, but they still need some time to prepare for baptism. We have found several good street contacts that we´ll need to go and teach this week.
Things are going well and I feel like I´m able to have a big influence on the way we do work here which I´m happy about. I didn´t have much of a say in things with my first companion. Elder Delgado and I still have lots to learn and improve on in the way we teach, find, etc.
I felt like I was at home again while watching General Conference this weekend. It brought me back to our tradition of watching it together in the family room. I miss you guys lots!

Love, Elder Church

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