Pau dos Ferros: Week 7

Monday, July 6, 2015

Here is the soccer stadium in Natal.

nd this is the type of lunch that we always have on p-days that Ivoneide makes for us (and we help).

Well, there was a little change this week with the transfers. Both Elder Andrade and I went to train. He was transferred but I was lucky and stayed! He was transferred to Caicó. We left for Natal early tuesday morning and travelled almost 10 hours to get there because the bus stopped in lots of cities. We got there in the afternoon and waited in the mission office for a little while. It was good to see Elder Harris again who is secretary right now. At night we had nothing to do so I called Deybron who works nearby and got to see him again. He even took us out for dinner!

In the new group arrived 5 brazilians and 1 american who had started serving a mission in the US. I didn´t get to see the American because he arrived late, but Elder Andrade is training him. I will be training Elder de Oliveira from Rio de Janeiro. He is awesome and already knows how to be a good missionary so there´s not really much training to do. This week was a little tough because we were only able to work thursday through sunday. I had to travel for a tiring 20 hours on tuesday and wednesday! The other two elders in the house stayed the same. We will need to work hard this week in finding new people to teach.

I was missing the US on the fourth of July and thinking about home. I thought about getting people together to do a barbeque but we didn´t end up doing anything. That morning one of the assistants did a phone conference with all of the americans on the mission to play the national anthem haha.

This area is really great here like I always say. We are always busy during the days of work and we don´t always get done everything we want to. I hope my new companion will have a good experience his first transfer.

I´m glad to here that the family traditions are staying alive, like the teacher dinner and the Delta 4th of july parade. Yes I did hear about the death of President Packer while I was in the house of a member. Wow, that is pretty hot- hotter than here. I guess the only difference here is that it never gets cold. And the sun shines really strong and it's humid. Have a great week and thanks for the thoughts you shared with me.

Love you all and miss you!


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