Pau dos Ferros: Week 8

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

This is really a great area and I hope I can stay here for a long time! It was funny when we were in the mission office and the president was talking to the new missionaries about the new areas they would go to. He introduced pau dos ferros as being the longest area from the mission HQ, but the area that every missionary dreams about going to. Later, when a new missionary asked about what we did for lunch in the mission field, President explained that it is in members houses but that in some areas there aren´t enough members and it´s only a few times a week. He said: for example elders, how many lunches does Pau dos Ferros have per week, Elder Church(directing the question towards me)? But I was happy to say that we have lunch every single day.

Here are some pictures:

Dear Family,

This week was a really good one. All of us worked hard this week and were able to have success. My companion and I have been working lots with one specific family that has kids of ages 13, 14, 16, 18, and 20. We found them by making a contact on the street a little over a month ago with the 14 year old. He said he would go to church and so we stopped by his house during the week and started to teach the family. They all live close to the church which is nice and they all became interested in going to church on sundays and the activities during the week.
On sunday we were able to bring lots of people to church, even though that included having to going around to some of their houses to wake them up, haha. My companion and I had to give talks on Sunday. This was actually the first time I had given a talk on the mission. There was a great attendance on Sunday- 77 people! But the number we counted was 80 because one of the active families was traveling. And yes, there is quite a strong group of youth here- it´s actually bigger and stronger than just about any other area I´ve been in.
This morning we went to visit Portalegre, a nearby city that a family invited us to visit with them. There is a waterfall there and a couple of other cool places. I´ll send some pictures.
It´s going great so far with my new companion. Just like most new missionaries, including me, he arrived with a big desire and enthusiasm to work hard.
And some other good news from the week: I got the package! It came really quickly. I was happy to read all of the letters and loved getting all of the snacks. You picked them out well. Thanks so much! I just wish I would have remembered to ask before you sent it to send some 1 dollar bills or coins or things like that that I could give away to people. Because people here think it´s pretty cool.
Anyway, last week was a good one and I´m excited for this week. Both my companionship and the other one are working well. I hope you all have a great week too.

Elder Church

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