Pau dos Ferros: Week 10

Monday, July 27, 2015

Happy Pioneer Day and happy birthday Jillian! Wow I was here thinking I was the next missionary from our ward to get home but there are still several more. Those are some great pictures that you sent! And this camp sounds like a cool experience for Grant. Yes we continue to teach and visit people after they are baptized. They receive the 5 missionary lessons after their baptism. During the week we have a youth family night on tuesday, and a ward integration night (mainly for youth) on thursday. These activities help keep them active too.

This week was another good one. We were busy like usual. This week we were teaching some people in distant neighborhoods so we were always walking all over. But our focus is near the church. Pretty soon the church will move to another spot though. This week our testimony was strengthened that the Lord prepares the elect for us to teach. Mirosmar is 19 and we have known him for a few weeks. He was riding his motorcycle down the street and he asked us what days we had church meetings. The next week he came to the activity on thursday. We found out that he learned about the church through a friend who was baptized here but moved away. When we went to Mirosmar´s house to start teaching, he showed us that he had already asked for a book of mormon online and had it sent to him. And the part that surprised us most was that he had read from the beginning until Ether 12! It was easy to teach him because he understood the messages well and he knows the bible well because he had gone to other churches in the past. He accepted baptism really quickly and he was baptized on Sunday.

We have a couple of great families that we are working with right now. The members are helping us a lot here. Pau dos Ferros will be a branch really soon, we just have to wait for the next time that the leaders come to our sacrament meeting to officialize it.

I miss you all! Have a great week,

Love, Evan

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