Cidade do Sol: Week 15

Monday, May 4, 2015

I was feeling a little discouraged on sunday because a baptism fell through and we had some difficulties in bringing our investigators to church. One member saw my face and asked me if I was happy, but I told him I was a little discouraged because of these problems. But it made me feel better when he gave his testimony in Sacrament meeting and said that he admires the missionaries because they are so dedicated to the work that they forget about themselves and worry about their investigators. It really is a great experience to be on a mission and be able to have the lord´s work as our only focus for 2 years.

We have a few investigators that are progressing well. In the couple that was married last week, the husband still needs to be baptized. The wife was already a less-active member. We always go to their house and we´re great freinds with them. Marcio is excited for baptism but he keeps wanting to put it off for a few weeks. We´ll have to talk with him and get him firm for sooner!

In the 10 people that were at church last week, 2 of them were couples that aren´t married, so they´ve still got a ways to go before they can get baptized. This is really one of the biggest obstacles that missionaries here face. They came to church because we are getting a young girl ready for baptism and she invited her family and friends to go to church with her.

This week´s baptism fell through once again when we went to his house sunday morning and he wasn´t there. It seems now that he doesn´t want to be baptized but he´s just too afraid to tell us or something. There must be some reason. Whenever we talk with him he is really solid and excited for baptism. We had all the details planned out for his baptism, he would have just needed to show up. Oh well.

Our ward is strong and it will be sending out several missionaries in a few months which is exciting.

I can´t wait for sunday! The skype call will be a lot of fun.


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