Cidade do Sol: Week 17

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hi mom! It´s surprising to hear that dad didn´t get the job, but I took a sigh of relief, too, knowing that things won´t change like I thought they would. I hadn´t been thinking about it all that much because I´m so far away from home right now, but I can imagine how this can be tough after feeling like it would really happen. But I know we have a purpose in Utah.

My week was good. It´s always a little hard to stay motivated to work in the last week of the transfer because you´re anxious about what will happen. But we did work. We found a deaf woman to teach this week. It was interesting because my companion was randomly talking earlier on the same day about how he wants to learn some sign language in case we were to teach someone like this. So that was a cool experience. We were visiting our recent convert Victória this week and we are happy to see that she is starting to develop her own testimony at such a young age.

Deybron and Nábila have been a huge example to me of service. They have so little time in the church but are helping so much. Deybron has a car and he always uses it to give members rides or haul things. He also has a graphic design shop and he uses his talents to help. They planned with the relief society to make mother´s day gifts for the ward (those cubes with photos on the sides). He also made a big canvas with the young men´s theme scripture to put in the classroom.

I was reading in the may ensign and I liked the article about the difference between sin and weakness. There was a quote in the beginning that said something like this: As a missionary I live the gospel more than I ever have in my life. Why do I seem to notice my weaknesses more frequently than ever? That´s what I´ve felt like sometimes. But later on the article said, sins take us away from god, but weaknesses bring us closer. Weaknesses are part of our mortal lives and they will make us into better people.

I am having lots of good experiences here though and having lots of fun! I´ll let you know if I´m still here in this area next week.

Elder Church

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