Cidade do Sol: Week 14

Monday, April 27, 2015

here are a few pictures from the wedding. They had an area for everyone to take pictures by a cake.

The church building in the other picture belongs to another ward, but is in walkable distance from our house. I think it´s the most beautiful one that I´ve seen on the mission.
The picture of the rain is what it´s looked like here a few days last week!

Did you get why the name tag picture I sent last week was funny? I guess I should have explained it, haha. The name of the church is A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimos Dias. When a bunch of the elders were at the bus station for transfers, we got four of us together whose names make up the name of the church, haha. Church, de Jesus, dos Santos, and Dias.

This week, one of our investigators finally got married. It was a community wedding with 150 couples. They did it in a big group, because otherwise they would have had to pay a lot. It was a cool ceremony because at the beginning a group came in and did some cultural performances.

The end of this week was kind of rough because we had a young man all lined up for baptism but he unexpectedly traveled over the weekend and we had no way to contact him.

Yesterday was a good sunday though because we brought 10 people to church! It´s rare that we´re able to get that many people to come. It´s been fun staying in this ward for a while because I´ve made lots of friends and gotten to know the members well. Since I was the only one who stayed I´ve been navegating us around to get to members´ houses. My new companion is a really good missionary and we both have the same goals. We have been working well together and teaching more. My shoes are holding up well. I feel like we walked a lot more than usual this week.

Yes I´m back to living with non-english speakers so it´s been helping me improve my portuguese.

Well I´m really enjoying the work here and I´m learning lots every day. I made 10 months on the mission and time is going by pretty quickly. I´m still not sure of the time we´ll do the skype call on mother´s day, but I´ll let you know next week.

Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers.

Love you,

Elder Church

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