Cidade do Sol : week 16

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Zone p-day winning volleyball team

Baptisms of Marcio and Ana Victoria

Dear family,

It was so great to see you all over skype! The skype call passed by so quickly, but it was good while it lasted. It felt like I was back at home again about to go to church (I hope I didn´t make everyone late, haha). At least we´ll be able to have longer conversations when I get back. Nothing really seemed like it has changed too much with you guys. Grant seemed a little bit older, and Hayley did too. I´m excited to hear updates on Alyssa´s mission paper progress! And sounds like it will be a fun summer.
Elder Dos Santos did his call right after me and stayed on for a while. It was funny to see the differences from our family and his. His family was a lot louder and more emotional (lots of laughing and some crying). But our family was just how I remember it when I left- just how I like it.

Last night, some other Elders came to sleep in our house and we had lots of fun. Then we went to a zone p-day this morning. We went to a church that has a basketball/volleyball court and played around for a while. Now we´ve been back for a little while and we came to do emailing now. Tonight we have a family night in the same member that invites us almost every monday (and always makes good food).

Last week was a good week because we finished it off with 2 baptisms! Marcio finally decided to get baptized instead of putting it off which we were happy about. His marriage was a few weeks ago and he has been going to church with his wife, who was a less-active member, for a couple of months.
And Ana Victoria, a fun little primary girl was baptized after being brought to church by a friend. Her family has come to church a couple of times, but the parents can´t be baptized yet because they aren´t legally married. But Victoria was excited for baptism and her family was happy to let her get baptized. They all came to the baptism too.

This is a good area, but I think it´s pretty likely that I´ll leave at the end of the transfer. I´d be happy to stay though too.

Have a great week and I´ll talk to you next monday. Happy mother´s day, Mom!


Elder Church

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