Cidade do Sol: Week 13

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Name tags of the elders I live with

Dear family,

Wow I wish I could have seen Jillian´s play. If you have pictures I´d like to see them.

I stayed in Cidade do Sol, which I was happy about. The other 3 missionaries in our house were transferred so we got 3 others in our house (and a total of 4 new ones in our ward). One of them I already knew, and the other 2 I didn´t know. One is a brand new missionary from Chile and the other is Elder Dos Santos, my companion. Elder Dos Santos is from Recife and he´s awesome! He´s a fun guy and is a good missionary. We have a lot of unity in the companionship which is good and we were able to mark a few baptisms this week! I guess I´ve been in this area for a little while but it doesn´t seem too long. And I´m definitely not sick of it.

You asked about families. Yes our family size is considered quite large here. It´s kind of interesting here because a lot of the poor population here has a large number of kids, but most of the members of the church strive to be financially smart and only have a couple.

Yesterday, President and Sister Soares decided to visit our ward in the morning. In a month we will have Elder Mazzagardi from the seventy visit our mission.

Have a great week!
I´m looking forward to the skype call in a few Sundays from now.

Elder Church

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