Cidade do Sol: Week 12

Monday, April 13, 2015

I really hope I don´t get transferred on Wednesday because I like it here a lot. It is very easy to work with the ward leaders here. We also have gotten to know so many great people here- members, non-members, and investigators. The people here are super nice to us. For example, we have a dinner at someone´s house almost every night. We had a good number of investigators at church yesterday- 5. We have started to work with a part-member family with 6 kids, 2 of which aren´t baptized yet. The mom also isn't a member. One of the daughters is 9 and has only been to church a few times before. But she is excited about going now, and she went with a non-member friend to a primary activity and to church the next day. We will try to baptize her soon.
Our bishop is great and he always makes visits with us when we ask him to.

Last night we found out that Elder Harris is the new exec. secretary of the mission, so he left us this morning! Elder Wilson and I also went to Deybron´s shop this morning. I´m excited for this next transfer because we already have a couple of baptisms lined up.

We were thinking about going to the cashew tree today, but then elder Harris had to leave. A couple weeks ago we asked president if we could go to one of the old forts on the beach, but he said no. But I don´t mind spending most p-days at home because It´s nice to have a rest from walking around all week!

Well internet time is running out, so I´ll end the email for this week.

Love, Elder Church

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