Parnamirim Week 5

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Well I realize that I´ve been in this area for almost a whole transfer but I haven´t written much about it. Sorry! This area is considered one of the harder ones on the mission. Our ward has 2 separated areas. One of the companionships has to take a bus every day to get to their area but it makes part of our ward and about half of the members live there. The vision has been to eventually split the two areas and make separate wards, but there needs to be a little bit of growth before that. Both of the areas are fairly hard though. But we´ve been enjoying our area a lot and having success! We´ve always been able to bring at least 3 investigators to church every Sunday. A few Sundays ago we even had 10! Every Thursday night there is a soccer activity in the church parking lot. We´ve been working hard to bring young men to that. There are usually 10 or 15 non members that have been going to play in the past couple of weeks. We have found a few golden investigators, but unfortunately there have been things that have prevented them from getting baptized now. Like they have to travel or work or things like that. One of them was an awesome reference from a member. His name is José and he´s 25 and is very humble and receptive. One of the obstacles has been his job. He works in a place that distributes shrimp and they have been really busy lately. Another is named Nalva, she´s in her 30s. She really liked the church meeting the first time she went, but her family member got in an accident so she has been spending lots of time in the hospital. So there really are some good people here, but there have been lots of obstacles.

I did a division this week from another missionary in our district. When I was in this other area we went to a less-active member´s house that has a huge backyard. They have every type of fruit tree back there. Lots of fruits don´t exist in the US. Mango, acerola, cashew, starfruit, goiyaba, jaca, and lots of others that have Portuguese names. I wanted to go back and take pictures because it was pretty cool!

I like our bishop a lot but I think he might get released soon. He has been difficult to work with though because he has to work in Rio de Janeiro for half of the month, So he misses almost every other Sunday. He has good counselors that help run the ward while he´s gone though.

We had interviews with the president this week. He came to our chapel and interviewed the zone. That was my second personal interview with him since I got on the mission. It was pretty quick but it was good to talk to him again!

I´ve been missing the weather from home lately because it´s so hot outside during the day. The sun feels like it shines a lot brighter and stronger here too.

I hope everyone is doing well at home and I miss all of you!

Elder Church

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