Nova Natal Week 6: Starting my 3rd transfer

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We found out late last night that Elder Delgado would be transferred! We were all expecting it though because he had already been in the area for nearly 6 months. He didn´t want to leave though because things were going pretty well. He got transferred to the interior for the first time on his mission. This morning I went to the bus station with him and then picked up my new companion, Elder Gomes. He is Brazilian and has almost 9 months on his mission. I can already tell that he´ll be a great companion.

The parents in the family we are teaching haven´t gotten married yet but they are close. The marriage will be in the church and the relief society president and others are helping to plan it and possibly provide a dress for her. On Saturday we had the baptism of their Daughter, Maria Clara. She is great friends with the other girls her age in the ward that live near her which is great to see! She might have already friends with them before. Her 9-year old brother wasn´t baptized yet because he´s afraid of water.

Now I´ll answer some of your questions

Typical daily schedule?
We stay in our apartment in the mornings doing personal, companion, and language study. We usually leave the house an hour before lunch and make some contacts on the street. Instead of having 1 hour for lunch and 1 hour for dinner, we have our lunch break from 12-2pm and then work until 9 or 9:30 at night. Nothing really functions in the city between 12-2. Most people are either having lunch or sleeping. We usually have plenty of teaching appointments to fill up the day, but lots of times the people aren´t home so we have to change plans.

Favorite things about the culture? The people here are great and it´s easy to make contacts. They are very nice and it´s easy to get people to accept visits in their home.

Things you took for granted in America? Sometimes we go days without having water in our house. We always have drinking water in 5 gallon jugs, but sometimes we don´t have water in the faucet or shower.

Most important thing you have learned so far? I feel like I´m learning a lot about getting along with companions. A lot of times you are really different from them but you have to learn how to work together to have success. I have liked my companions so far though.

Have you and your companion been able to bring more investigators to Church? Yes, except for last Sunday because everyone had to vote in the election.

Do you find they have a lot of questions about what they learn and observe in Church? Most investigators say that it is really different from any other church here which is definitely true. All the other churches here seem to have lots of noise and loud music, etc.

Are members good at coming up to them and helping them feel welcome?
Yes, the members here are great at reaching out and being friends with them. This is really what´s helping us most in the work.

Have a great week and a fun Halloween. I´ll write to you on Monday!

Love, Elder Church.

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