Parnamirim: Week 2

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas! I can´t wait to talk on skype in a few days. That must have been fun to have meredith and patrick in town. I´m excited that we have a new ping pong table! congrats on the new calling, that sounds like a good one and probably a bit of a challenge. I hope you can get everything for christmas ready! Lately I´ve been thinking about how great christmas was when I was growing up. You and dad always did such a great job making memorable christmases. I´ve just been remembering how much I loved that time of year when I was younger. Here it doesn´t feel like christmas at all. The people don´t seem to change much of their regular routine. And it´s the same weather, same music, etc.
Yes we had our christmas conference on Tuesday. It was fun but it went by quickly. The highlight of the conference was probably the skits that each of the zones made. They also gave some training of course. This conference was fun because I´ve come to a point in my mission where I know lots of other missionaries. It´s good to have friends to talk to at mission conferences. 
Well I don´t think i´ll send an official weekly update this week since I´ll talk to you all in just a few days. Just know that things are going well here! 

Thanks so much for the christmas present! I think I know what I´ll use it on. Luckily I haven´t had any money problems here. I think the monthly money we get is sufficient for everything we need and even more. But there are some missionaries that always use it up quickly and don´t even have an emergency fund saved up. It has been more than enough for me though.

I think the skype call will still be around 4pm. Talk to you then!

Elder Church

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