Cidade Nova Week 1

Monday, December 1, 2014

I actually took several pictures this week, but this computer place we´re in doesn´t let us put anything in the computers. I´ll have to wait until next time to send them, sorry! I like this new area a lot. I still don´t know if it´s a temporary switch until the end of the transfer, or if I´ll stay longer. I´ll find out next tuesday. We´re in the zone of the assistants and the secretaries of the mission. We´re pretty close to the mission office. This month was a great month for the mission because we broke our record for baptisms. We finished November with 245 baptisms, passing the old record of 208! Our companionship did really well this month too (before I got here). I´m in a trio with both of the Zone Leaders and so I´m learning a lot from them. The sacrament meeting attendance in this ward is higher than the other two wards I´ve been in. Right now I´m with my 4th companion on the mission, none of which have spoken english. This has been a blessing for me though because it´s helped me pick up on Portuguese quickly. Although, my companion now really wants to improve on his english so he likes talking in english with me. I still have lots to improve in with the language, but I am to the point where I understand just about everything and I´m able to say most things I need to.
I went up on the sand dunes near our house this morning. There are some great views from the top. There´s also a city park nearby that has a trail going through hills. I went running there a few times this week with Elder Oliveira it´s awesome because it reminds me a little of the scenery of the mountains in Utah.
I also saw monkeys this week really near our house! I also met an American that lives here. He´s from Saratoga Springs, UT. He served his mission in southern brazil and later married a girl from here and lives here with 2 kids. As much as I like it here I couldn´t imagine living here afterwards, haha.
I definitely thought about you all on thanksgiving this week. It just felt like a normal day to me.

Have a great week! It was sad for me to think that you didn´t put my name in the christmas name drawing, but I understand. It would be pretty hard for me to send a gift to my person on time. I can´t wait to be able to talk to you guys on skype in just a few weeks!

Love, Elder Church

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