Nova Natal Week 9

Monday, November 17, 2014

I had a good week! This week Sister Soares, the mission president´s wife, came to our apartment to look at our washing machine. Sometimes she makes unexpected visits to missionary apartments, but we knew she was coming so we got the chance to clean it really well. Not that it was too out of order before. The main problem about the apartment is that the neighbors live so close and sometimes we don´t have the best privacy. Other than that it´s fine to live in. It´s small but it´s new and is nice on the inside. The appliances are nice and we have tile floor, etc. After that she took me and another Elder out in her car to look for places to live. We didn´t find anything that day, so we might keep looking. It was fun driving with her though because she would stop the car every once and a while to tell us to go talk to certain people on the street about the gospel.
Yesterday we had the baptism of Leandro, the son of the couple that will get married in December. He is really afraid of water, but he finally decided to be baptized!
Things are going well! The ward has some problems but we have been meeting a lot with the Bishop lately to see how we can change things and move the work forward.

To answer your questions:
No, I haven´t ever been robbed here and I feel pretty safe. I´ll try to start taking more pictures!
The language is really getting better. I feel like I can understand just about everything that people say now, but I still have trouble responding sometimes. Thanks for the updates of the family and for the quotes from general conference!

Talk to you next week!

Elder Church

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