Caico Week 3

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hi family! Time is passing by quickly here and I can´t believe it´s already the end of summer and time for school to start!
I´ll start by answering some of your questions:
Can you tell us a little about things like shopping for food and doing laundry?
There are some supermarkets nearby that have just about anything we need. They also have a huge farmer´s market type thing every morning on the streets that we´ve gone to a couple of times. This is the place to buy fruits and vegetables for pretty cheap. Bread here is also very cheap at the bakery section in the supermarket. 
We actually have a small washing machine on the side of our house. It´s pretty old and I don´t think it works exactly like it should, but we use it. And then we just hang our clothes to dry.

Do you have hot water?

What do you eat for breakfast?
Usually something simple like eggs or bread. We don´t have any food in our house right now so we need to buy more today. The big meal of the day here is lunch and the members always have lots of food for us!

This week we spent most days going to our investigators houses and teaching lessons. We still had problems finding people in their houses, but we were able to teach several lessons. We stopped by the house of the mother and daughter we are teaching a few times throughout the week to remind them about church and to try to teach some lessons. Unfortunately neither of them came to church this week because they had other things going on. The mother´s name is Da Paz and she´s a character :) She´s very religious, and believes in our message, but doesn´t really have a desire to change anything. I hope she gets baptized though.

We´re going to work harder this week to get firm committments from investigators to come to church. This  past sunday was actually the third straight sunday without having any investigators at church with us. Elder Fernandes is pretty stressed about it because he says that it´s never happened before during his mission. I think we´ll accomplish a lot this week though.

I love you all and look forward to hearing again from you next week!
Love, Elder Church

P.S. I wrote letters to everyone and I´ll send them in the mail today

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