Monday, August 18, 2014

Evan wrote this in answer to some of his dad's questions:

Elder Fernandes says that the missionaries before us didn´t do a whole lot of work and that they didn´t keep records. And I think there hadn´t been elders in our ward for a while before we arrived, but i´m not sure. As far as I know we don´t have any past records from our area. Yes, we´re assigned to 1 ward along with 2 other sisters. Our chapel is very big and has room for plenty of people, but It doesn´t get very full on Sundays. I would guess that there were about 60 people in Sacrament meeting yesterday, but I think that might have been a little less than usual. There are lots and lots of inactive members. I don´t know any exact numbers, but I think there are probably around a thousand members in the ward. These first two Sundays we weren´t able to get any investigators to come to church with us. This has been pretty frustrating for Elder Fernandes. We did get to attend ward council yesterday which was great. The ward has good leadership and they go by the handbook. There are several members that are very dedicated to the ward and strengthening it. The members love the missionaries and seem very willing to help us.
It´s amazing to see how similar the church runs here, even though the city is so different.
Thanks for your questions and thanks for keeping me in your prayers!

Love, Evan

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