Rio Branco: Week 5

Monday, January 18, 2016

Dear Mom,

Yep, this week I was in Assú. I stayed until Sunday. One of the elders there is Elder Caldwell, who was with me in the CTM so it was good to be able to be in the same house as him for the first time on the mission. In the house there´s also another missionary named Elder Fallon who I found out is good friends with Jared! He went to timpview and was in the band with Jared. He knows their whole family well. It is a rare house because there are 3 Americans. There were 4 this week with me. I just stayed the week to help each of the sets of missionaries. I worked with them during the week and also did a couple of baptismal interviews. We worked really hard to have lots of investigators at church.

Elder Tavares is on his last week here! The new assistant was called today. Elder W Silva. I´m excited because I was his companion not too long ago and it went really well. He and I have 3 transfers left on the mission now. Elder Tavares will travel on his last week here and I will stay in my area. Right now in the office there´s a missionary that will have to go home unfortunately because he got sick and isn´t getting better. I feel bad for this Elder Chipman because he only has a few months on the mission. He played football before the mission so he got here pretty big, but he´s lost over 40 pounds and he hasn´t gotten any better. He´s trying to keep his mind off of things but I can imagine that it must be really hard for him now to have to go home. He´ll be able to return of course once he gets better though.

Will you really take a class at BYU now? Great! I´ll be excited to hear how it goes.

It´s been raining quite a bit here. It´s nice to have a little break from the heat but it also made me realize that i´m grateful for the hot weather we usually have because there are always people on the streets and it´s good for working.

Love you!
Have a great week, too.

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