Rio Branco: Week 4

Monday, January 11, 2016

This is Elder Church and Elder Sales in the Christmas pajamas we sent them

Dear Mom,
Too bad that dad couldn't take you with him to San Diego last week! Sounds like it was a great stake conference. Do you think Pres. Neilson will still be the stake president when I get back? I hope so. Did Jared change a lot on his mission? That´s awesome that he is taking a class from Uncle Scott. I´m glad that Alyssa is happy with her roommates. And it sounds like Grant is anxious to travel. That would be cool if he got accepted. When does he get his results back from the BYU application?

Last week I stayed in the area again but I will probably travel this week. We didn´t have as many investigators at church this week but it was a good week. My companion is great and we are working very hard together. What were some of the highlights? Hmmm. There are a couple of members here who give quite a bit of money for us to have lunch. Usually we eat in their houses, but this week a member gave each of us quite a bit of money. I didn´t even use it to buy anything fancy though. I used some of it on taxis for us or for investigators. Our leadership council went well. I was a little nervous about it because we didn´t spend a whole lot of time preparing. But our training together with President and Sister Soares´ training made it a really good meeting. One of the good parts was when we had leaders come to the front and talk a little bit about how they have had success in certain areas. These meetings usually start with training from the secretaries, then our training, then pres. and sister Soares' training. Then we have lunch and afterwards we have an "X-ray" where we show the results that the zones had in the last month and talk about their new goals.

Love you mom, have a great week!

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