Panatis: Week 12

Monday, December 14, 2015

Are there really only 10 days until christmas? Man, it´s coming up soon. I did get your package today! I´ll open it pretty soon. I already got Grandma and Grandpa´s package. You guys love me too much! I was lucky to get double presents this year. Well I get impressed every week to hear about my awesome brothers and sisters at home. Glad they are doing well. I´m sad I won´t be able to participate in the sibling gift exchange, but we did one here in our district so that makes up for it.

Well our week was good. We had our christmas conference this week (a little early this year). It was lots of fun to see all of the presentations from the zones. Our zone did a pretty great one: "Meet the missionaries" - parody of meet the mormons. We got santa claus costumes and everything and it was pretty well done hahaha.

The work went well this week. We really only work with our recent converts because they are the best sources of baptisms! We have a couple of awesome young men that introduce us to all of their friends. It makes me really happy to see that Daniel is excited to be a missionary in the future. His cousin was baptized yesterday and he was interviewed to receive the priesthood and will baptized one or two of his other cousins next week. The only sad part is that I won´t be there to see it.

So, I had a little transfer this week. The real transfer day is on Wednesday but I got a call a little early and am already in my other area. One other thing- I already know that this will be my last area on the mission. And, oh yeah, no more p-days for me! Have you guessed yet? Maybe you won´t believe it because I haven´t really started to believe it either but I was called to be Assistant to the President.

Anyway, I´ll get going now but I´ll write more next week! I´m getting used to things here but it will be great.

Love you all!

Elder Church

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