Cidade do Sol: Week 9

Monday, March 23, 2015

Death isn´t such a bad thing

In the last update I sent I mentioned the death that happened in the ward. This week we passed by a few times in their house and left a message with their family on one of the days. We also showed the dad that mormon message video about the man whose family died in a drunk driver car accident and who forgave the driver. The video really touched him because it was a similar situation to his. He has already decided to go the house of the guy who hit his son and forgive him. Also, his wife who had been inactive from the church for several years went back to church on Sunday!

There is also a lady in the ward (she´s not a member but her son is) whose sister died a couple weeks ago. It was really hard on her and she went to be with her family (who are all members) in fortaleza for a week. But she came back and went to church on sunday. We went and visited her house last night and she told us that she really wants to be baptized! She said missionaries have worked with her in the past and even set a baptismal date, but things had come up or she had traveled so it didn´t happen yet. But now it will!

So death is a sad thing but it sure does a lot of good sometimes, haha.

Other than that it´s still been raining lots this week. I really have been liking our new bishop. He has been running the most effective ward council meetings that I´ve ever seen on my mission. He is also very willing to help all three of the sets of missionaries in our ward by making visits with us.

Oh yeah, this week there were also some pretty big protests in our area. On Tuesday there were people that burned buses and other crazy things right here in Natal. Some people were saying it was a big deal, but it was only a one-day thing and we weren´t affected by it.

We have a conference tomorrow with half of our mission so I´m excited for that! 

Have a great week. Love you all,

Elder Church

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