Rio Branco: Week 7

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Thanks for the picture of the last snow storm. Unfortunately, when I get home the weather will be just about the same there as it is here, right?

Dad, that´s great that you met with Saxton. I remember him quite a bit. He was one of my good friends in the 4th and 5th grade. Send him a hug. I am learning lots about leadership and every week I realize there are new things that I need to improve on. I love being able to meet with the president because he is so experienced that he can usually give a great solution to any problem that we are having with any area or missionary. I am also impressed with his humility- that he always listens to the opinion of others and takes it into consideration. One of the things that he has taught me is: when helping someone that has any type of problem, identify 1 or 2 points that need to improve and then let the person make a plan of how they will improve. I used to be more worried about being able to give counsel or say the right things, but lots of times it´s more effective to let the other person act and think for himself and help come up with a solution.
I´m excited to be able to take a trip to Delta with you and visit Great Grandpa Church when I get back!

This week we helped with the transfers and then worked in our area until Saturday. No, my junior stayed the same- Elder Sales. He is really good. I like being able to stay in the area to work hard and try to make the area an example. This week we were working quite a bit with Maria who is the mother of a returned missionary. She had never liked the church and had never really had any interest. She didn´t really know much of what he was doing on his mission either. He has been back for a couple of years now. My companion found her one night when I was gone and then we started to visit her during the week. She is pretty funny and has an attitude. She went to church last week and she had started to be really receptive. She was quick to accept baptism. And she doesn´t even drink coffee! But we are working with her to stop smoking and she only smokes about 2 or 3 per day now. Her son lives in another ward but I have never met him. Yesterday, I was here at the mission office which is at the side of a church building. I was talking to some members with Elder W. Silva and when we said we were from the Rio Branco ward there was a lady that asked if we were teaching her mother-in-law. So I met her son´s wife and found out that Maria had been talking to her quite a bit about us and the church. And we marked a family night for during the week with them at her house!

On Sunday we were able to have some success with bringing investigators to church. It was raining that morning which makes it hard to walk a half an hour with them to church. But luckily we had arranged with a couple of members to help give rides. I am impressed with the bishop´s example of service. He was recently released as a mission president in Florianopolis, Brazil, and is now a great bishop. But he offered to finish his meetings early and drive to the investigators houses to bring them to church. That helped us out a lot.

Well have a great week! I hope everyone´s doing well.

Elder Church

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