Mossoro: week 4

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The weather must be nice there this time of year. It is a holiday here too today. This is Brazil's Independence Day. We weren´t able to email this morning because we had a few things come up. But yes, I´m glad too that we don´t have to rely on hand-written letters. 
This was a good week and we were able to see once again some of the blessings of fasting. We worked really hard this week and the week ended off well with having 10 investigators in church. It´s always nice when investigators go to church because we are able to help them progress more quickly. The work is going great and we are excited about a family we found a couple of weeks ago. The only problem is that the dad works on sunday mornings and the mom has to stay at home, but the 3 kids have been going to church. I have had a cold that hasn´t gone away for about a month. Luckily it hasn´t gotten in the way of the work though. It was a little hard to start working a couple of days this week, but I we had so much to do that I didn´t want at all to have to stay home. But luckily today I have some rest. I´m sure I´ll be fine this week though!
I am loving the mission- it is a lot of hard work but it is worth it!
Have a great week!

Elder Church

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