Mossoro: week 2

Monday, August 24, 2015

Dear family,

Yes, Bom Jardim does mean good garden. But I don´t really know who came up with that name because it is a desert climate here. But things do actually grow well. It´s hot like southern Utah or Arizona, but it´s slightly humid which lets things grow well. I wasn´t sure what the temperature was actually like here, because I only see it in celcius, but I looked it up and saw that it gets up into the high 90s every single day here! It really is hot. It´s hard going out to work after lunch when the sun is at its hottest. But like I said, it´s been no big deal.

Let me answer your questions. There are quite a few members here. On the list there are probably more than 600. The sacrament meeting attendance is around 130-140. So there´s a lot of room for improvement for retention of new members. But the leaders are concerned about this now and make visits every week. Yes, I´ve had quite a few experiences where I´ve met a long-time inactive member that had moved from another place who probably didn´t have a record. The mission standard is to have 10 lessons with members present per week. We are easily able to achieve this here because there are youth that make visits with us almost every day. But we try to have family nights every once in a while in member-homes and invite investigators. Yes, we usually sit next to investigators in church. But we try to have members sit by them too.

The members here are great. There area lot of youth. This week they had a standards night on friday and it was really well put together. One thing I am impressed with is that this ward has a lot of good activities. Also there is always lunch here! The members take care of us well. The missionaries before I came had recently moved so we have a nice house. The only hard part is that it´s far from the church. But things are going great here! Let me see if I can send a couple of pictures.

Have you ever seen a pomegranate tree? We met someone yesterday that has one in his backyard. He gave us a couple. Also, we had lunch with a member family yesterday that had recently traveled to Utah to visit their daughter. They said that she studies at LDS business college. They went there in April and they said they would show me pictures the next time I go there. Also mom, Daiane told me that she talked with you a little on facebook. That´s cool!

Love you all!

Elder Church

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