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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The last few days ended up going a little differently than planned, but I made it! Soon after you dropped me off at the airport I found three other sister missionaries waiting for the flight: Sister Porter, Sister Evans, and Sister Dickson. Just before the plane was scheduled to start boarding, they announced that there were mechanical problems and that it would need to be delayed. First they told us it would be a half hour, but that quickly turned into 1 hour, then 2 hours, and it ended up being more than 5. This would mean we'd definitely miss our connecting flight to Sao Paulo. We called church travel to tell them about our situation, and we worked with them to find out the best way to get on the next Sao Paulo flight which wouldn't be until the next night. Luckily they were able to find a couple of hotel rooms in Atlanta. We finally left on the Salt Lake to Atlanta flight at a little before 8pm. We got to Atlanta at 1am, and then tried our best to navigate through the airport to find the Hotel shuttles. We found the right shuttle, and they drove us to our hotel a few miles away. We got in after 2am. I had a whole suite to myself. It felt kind of weird the whole time not having a companion, haha. We slept for a few hours that night, and then had to wait the whole day in Atlanta until our flight at 8pm. We took a train ride into the city to pass some of the time. We actually ran into a couple of missionaries (serving in the Atlanta mission) on the train! That was fun! We got on the flight just fine that night. I wasn't able to get very much sleep, but oh well. We landed in Sao Paulo at around 6am, went through customs, and then found the people from the church there to pick us up. Unfortunately, two of the sisters lost some of their baggage, but the workers at the desk were able to track it down and they'll send it to the MTC tomorrow. We met up with another elder who flew in from Natal, and two elders from Cape Verde. We all took an hour long van ride to the MTC. We got thrown into classes pretty quickly and that's where i've been ever since then. It's a lot to adjust to! I'm sure I'll get used to it in a few days. The classes have been great so far. I've got lot's more to say, but i'll save it for when I have more time!
Hope all is going well!
Talk to you soon,
Elder Church

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